Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm absolutely exploding with excitement for tomorrow's trip! I'm heading off to the Grand Canyon State to visit my sister and her gorgeous family. Spending time with my nieces and nephew, taking frequent dips in the pool, and bronzing like a boss are in my future. Also as you may or may not know, we here in Montana do not have a Forever21. Whoever decided to deprive us of such a thing should be shot, in my correct opinion. So of course I'll be venturing to the nearest F21 and hopefully finding some of these totally great items:
I'm just dying for a white crochet summer dress!

I'm always looking for a great fitting tank to pair with skinnies and some Toms for a casual outing.
This will perhaps be the most challenging find. Shorts are a challenge for my shape but I'm determined to find a great bright colored pair.

Okay, I lied. Finding a flattering swimsuit will be the hardest task! I hope they have some high waisted bottoms for my ultra-retro taste.

Also of course you simply can't go into F21 and not stock up on their trendy accessories.
Well to say the least I'm absolutely thrilled at the prospect of finding some new summer gear. I'll let you know if I find anything especially exciting!

So long rainy days!

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