Friday, September 9, 2011

Quirky Coneja

I am notorious for being a colorphobe. It's not by choice that I have this problem, it's just that I really enjoy neutral palettes. Because the colors I wear aren't so loud I feel that I can play with shapes instead, which is just as fun as playing with colors. Consequently my darling roommate, Jane has the same "issue." But a little while ago we decided to go "absolutely bonkers" and throw everything we owned that remotely had color in it, on our bodies. In our minds the result was to be ghastly, but were pleasantly surprised to find this instead:

 (Jessica Simpson pumps, Old Navy cardigan & blouse, East 5th skirt) 

Our color adventure was short lived but has changed our perspective a bit, we might even start going loco and mix some prints, GASP! Hope your day is filled with color and fun my fashion queens and kings!

p.s. the SUPER duper fun nail tutorial will go up later tonight. Happy Weekend!


  1. The shoes are neutral, you fools!

  2. Yeah but they're mega hot. We'd be fools NOT to use them. And if you ever want to survive the night I think you'll agree. Remember I know where you live...