Friday, November 11, 2011


As a child I loved , nay (no pun intended), was obsessed with horses. I knew everything there was to know about them and yes I had one of those giant my little ponies, the irony of which I was too young to understand at the time. As soon as we moved to Montana my parents promised me a horse, and just as they promised that very Christmas I received my very own hand made personalized...saddle. I never did get that horse, though my parents meant well, it just never worked out. Honestly it's better this way, I barely remember to feed Crixus. All this to say that when I saw this dress I had to get my hands on it!
(thrifted strawberry ring)
(PacSun dress)
(Gap flats, Claire's stockings)

Since my mom bought me the dress I feel that there is some poetic justice that has taken place. And someday I'll use that saddle, after I brush off the dust particles with a snow shovel, perhaps for a decoration in a Cowboy themed room. I'm lookin at you Dinorah! Well folks, have a gorgeous 11.11.11, for those of you having weddings: congradulations! For those of us staying up 12 hours straight running around the city with 400 middle schoolers: good luck!

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