Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little Girl Essentials for Spring

[1.$9.99Target- /2. Target-$9.99/3.Target-$9.99/
4.Walmart-$15.00/5. Gap-$19.95/6. Forever 21-$9.90/
7. Target-$9.99/8. Justice-$21.60/9. Forever 21-$16.50/
10. Justice-$3.60/11. Dillards-$45.00/12. Payless-$24.99]

I've been making inspiration boards quite a bit of late
(you probably noticed if you "like" the FB page). Its
nothing I can help, they're just loads of fun! The basic
idea is to just gather pictures of things you love and
collage them. Its instantly inspiring! For this particular
board I decided to throw some things up for little girls!
The clothes they have for little kids now are just phenom
and honestly its just not fair most of them aren't made
in "real human size." The pieces here are PERF for spring
and pretty much self explanatory but I will say this, if
you put your kid in a mullet skirt you WILL become my
instant hero. Straight up.

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