Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiration Board

I leave you this weekend with an inspiration board.
This one contains some cool stuff I'm looking forward
to for the increasingly warmer days ahead!

1. Some lazy reading outdoor tanning on the roof
2. Heart-shaped sunnies I've always wanted since
that Marilyn Manson song..don't judge
3. Classic musicals that never get old are a perfect
nighttime activity.
4. The best summer treat
5. Neon nails in a classy way
6. My latest purchase/obsession
7. Eventually I'll trade my current bike in for a
totally adorable one like this
8. Fun feather earrings, these are made of leather
cool right?
9. Crochet shorts, painfully cute

p.s. dont' forget the contest for the One Hour DIY
skirt closes on this coming Tuesday. Shoot me an
email, like the page, and get a friend to like the page
to enter. Good luck!

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