Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heat-less Summer Curls

Summer time can get really busy with family vacations, 
summer assignments (for us unfortunate people), 
and other activities. This hair tutorial is quick and 
easy and happens to works amazingly on any type 
of hair length. This super easy method for summer curls 
can be worn down or used to start out a cute up do.
 This heat-free method is less expensive than a curling
 iron and far healthier (of course.) Ladies with thick hair- 
don’t worry.  I probably have the thickest hair ever 
and I only needed one package (they come in 10), 
these are perfect for any hair length. 

What you need:
* wide tooth comb
* flexi-rods- Ulta Beauty Supply
* flexible & lightweight Hairspray
* metal clips or bobby pins to section off hair
*good spray bottle
Start with air dried hair. Split your hair in half from  the back.
 Then, separate the hair into 5 equal size sections on each side
 and clip each on top of the head with clip.Take a good 
spray bottle and mist your hair from far away. This is just the 
right amount of water so that the hair can dry overnight. Comb
 through with a thin comb to distribute the water evenly
 through the section.
Now, take the curlers and wrap the hair around it. Make
 sure to leave gaps between each wrap so that the curl 
will look more natural. After all the hair is wrapped 
around tightly, carefully fold the top of the curler inwards
 and do the same on the bottom. Be sure to catch the
 end of the hair, or the hair will unravel itself.
After putting in all the curlers, go to bed and let the curlers stay until morning ( A good 8 hours will do perfectly). In the morning, once the hair is completely dry,unwrap the hair from the curlers and voila! You have achieved
no heat curls! 

To loosen them up a bit, spray your hand with hairsprayand pull the curls down. Now, I have tried every type of heat-less curls method, and they NEVER stay in for longer than a few hours; regardless of the amount of hairspray and gel I put in.But these curlers work like a charm every time and they need very minimal hairspray. So say goodbye to burnt and damaged hair and helloto fabulous curls!

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  1. So beautiful! Where did you find the long flexi-rods? I have hair about as long as yours, but it doesn't all fit on the rod unless I wrap it with the coils right next to each other, which leads to ultra tight curls. I loosen them up, but then they fall out. =/ Any ideas?