Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Pinspiration, not be confused with perspiration is what I'm calling 
posts that are comprised of things I find on Pinterest that are kick 
butt. This finals week was totally calm until about 3:30 yesterday
 when I almost missed my only final exam. Since then I've been
 getting massive writer's block concerning a 10 page paper. 
Try not to envy me too much, and I'll try not to perish
 from exhaustion.

These are just a couple things that I'm starting to do/wear
now that my buzzed head has turned me into a 1/2 G.I.Jane.
Ultra feminine dresses, delicate jewelry, floral printed heels,
pastel nail polish, and using old timey phrases like "My
darling boy." Hopefully the combination of these things will
remind people that despite the fact that I've got steps, I'm
still a girly girl. 
p.s. back to the old grindstone that has turned
into a millstone 'round my neck. SAVE ME!

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