Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School

This is the first year in about 18 years that I haven't had to stress about a first day of school outfit, and quite honestly I missed that feeling. As ridiculous as it seems the first outfit of the year always felt like it was a fortune cookie of sorts. If you had an awesome outfit, that school year was gonna rock. If you didn't, well, sometime that year you were probably going to fart in front of the guy you liked. All that to say, since I didn't get to choose my outfit this year, I'll post what I would've liked to have worn. Happy schoolin!

1. TopShop Blazer, a blazer paired with heels makes shorts feel academically appropriate. At least for a college campus. You might get some looks but hey at least you're not wearing sweats, a head band, & self tanner to class *shudder*.
2. DIY Galaxy Shorts, I'll be making these very soon, to make all the hipsters fall in love.
3. Polyvore Swing Tank, every other piece makes a pretty big statement so keep the shirt chill. Did I just say chill? Ugh I'm so old.
4. Sam Edelman Spiked Heels, these suckers look like they could weigh 10 lbs each, and looks can be deceiving, but in this case looks are telling the straight up truth.
5. IPad purse, to hold the most important tool in your educational career. Just make sure to bring an extra sheet of paper and a pen- there's always going to be the one teacher that is infuriated by your technological superiority. "Wow big deal, call me out on it!"
6. F21 Cosmetic Bag, to avoid getting pens, lotion, and random make up things all over your purse.
7. Revlon Lip Butter, the only make up worth retouching through the day.
8. Altoids, for the freshest of all breath.

p.s. Look how adorable Lily is! She's rocking that tribal print in the best possible way.

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