Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For Starters...

A two-tone gold watch, is there anything more classy that one can throw on with any outfit? I say there isn't! I've been in search for one of these beauties for a year and the wait is finally over! 

Fossil has this great rose gold and silver watch at 115 smackers and its an absolute dream!

Ahh, there isn't anything quite like finding a treasured item you've been seeking for months. Which leads me to my next point: MUSIC!

I recently purchased Adele's new CD 21. I heart Adele with all of my ears but golly this was a let down. Guess I should've forked out the extra 2 bones and gotten Tegan and Sara's The Con, like I originally planned.

It's full of Adele's signature soul, however something is lacking. What? I don't know. Perhaps the lyrics are predictable, or the music just isn't catchy enough. Sorry Adele but you've let me down girlfriend.

But enough of that sad sap talk! Nothing will cheer me up faster from a bad musical purchase like an edible purchase!
Which leads me to my third point: CUPCAKES!

Good golly Miss Molly I could just eat my laptop right now. Granted I haven't eaten dinner yet but hey like a wise woman once said,"If you eat dessert first, then there's always room for it!" A wise, wise woman.

By the by this is a fab blog for delectable treats!  

Well I'm starving and need to scrounge for food!


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