Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Wish for Fish

Spring time ring-a-ling-a-ling time! Oh Willy Wonka, you crazy old man. But its true! Spring is here, I heard birds tweet sweetly to me from the trees as the sun shone down upon my face when I woke up today. Such a glorious feeling! So inspired I set out to find my spring must haves and heeeerrreee they are!

One must always start with a fabulous handbag. It can never let you down, women must always stare green with envy, and it must always ALWAYS make you feel like a queen.
Now, all my picks are Dooney&Bourkes. This doesn't mean that they are the only fabulous bags. But they are on my wishlist for sure!

Delish! Isn't the rich color in this bag so worthy of spring? It would add a pop of color to any outfit- and most usually mine need it (i'm a colorphobe, its this whole thing.)

I love this quilted satchel in yellow, its so... peep colored! Not to mention Easter Sunday fab.

I've been going gaga for this barrel satchel for months. I first saw it in baby pink and nearly had a fashion heart attack, but this kelly green is too good to be true for spring. MUST. HAVE.

Next up is bedding. I, like my mother, am completely obsessed with bedding. It transforms a room in a way that nothing else can, well except maybe paint.

For spring I like to bring the outdoors, indoors. This perfection goes by the the name "Rosemoor." And in my correct opinion it's what Sleeping Beauty would've had sweet dreams on while living in the cottage in the woods. Its so incredibly joyful for spring. Doesn't it just make you happy? 
p.s. J. Queen New York makes this bedding which can be found at Dillards. 

Of course one couldn't have a fabulous spring day without an adorable dress. 
I've decided this season that the long sleeve crochet dress is too divine to pass up. It has perfect amount of airy bohemian that everyone needs in their life. Find one, purchase it, and love your day. You might even go on a picnic!

Lastly, shoes! Everyone loves a good Tom shoe, and luckily for us they came out with wedges! (A spring-time necessity)
This color is like a sweet little bird singing at your window. Pair it with jeans, a dress, anything! That's versatility for you, that's good style for you, that's what I call a well rounded purchase.

Well my darlings, it's too beautiful to stay inside much longer, good day!
xoxx- Eli

Oh wait! I forgot one thing! Goodness knows a girl can't go tromping around everyday in heels. Well maybe some can (I'm looking at you Jane.) But for those of us who like to kick back in some skinnies and a over-the-shoulder tee we like an excellent flat. Sometimes a ballet flat is too girly, sometimes we just want to run with the boys, sometimes we just want to be able to run at all!

For those kinds of days I recommend this kind of Tom. Just looking at them makes me want to go sailing. Ahhh, :)

Okay no for realsies good day!

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