Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost time...

To make up for a million days without posts I will post at least twice today I promise, cross my heart. <3
Geode rings? Yes please, I'll take two. These rings are so interesting plus you can literally say you've a giant rock of a ring.
(Kimberly McDonald)

Sometimes a girl likes to have an edge without wearing combat boots. That girl is me, and the accessory I would choose to give myself the rocker vibe is this one. Its so devilishly perfect.

I love love LOVE delicate rings. This one is so beautiful (I would pair it with dark washed skinnys, a grey t, and some sky high stompers!)
(Monique Pean)

Okay so here's where my heart starts sinking, because obviously I can't just drop hundreds of bones on these gorgeous rings. BUT being the girl that I am, I seek them out at a discount!

Holy macaroni ya'll! I can't even believe my own eyes! These too good to be true geode rings are literally $12.00 AHHHH! I am SO purchasing! P.S. they even come in other colors like green and black! --> Buy them here! WOO!   P.P.S. This is totally a new fav website!

These rocker rings are perfects for that understated edgy vibe that a pair of ripped black jeans, red pumps, and white t give. (what is it with me and white ts?)
(Lefty loosey) You can find these at the fabulous Etsy!  (Righty tighty)

These aren't exactly like the fabulous Monique Pean ring, in fact they're not even close HOWEVER they are just as delicate, and simple, and really the perfect alternative. Plus how could you snub your nose at them when they're $25 and $17.50? You can't. It's fact.
(Silver Wrap)  Find them at Etsy of course!   (Gold Nest)
Class time! Go go go!!

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