Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiddom Hearts

There are few things I remember from my childhood. Probably due to my goldfish sized memory. However there are a few things I look back on with fondness, these are some of those things.

This movie was based on the live musical! I was always confused as to why Peter Pan was a grown woman, but I loved it so much I looked past that. I often still sing numbers from this movie, my favorite? I've Gotta Crow, I feel that i imitate her rooster sounds, strutting and chicken wings to a tea.

As a child I embarrassed my oldest sister by running around our yard playing in a slip and shiny black shoes. In my defense I thought the slip was a dress, the most beautiful dress I owned! Oh and the shiny black shoes were perfection. They had a small heel on them that made me feel so grown up. It was just far too easy imagining myself as a princess in this ensemble.

I have to give a nod to Doublemint gum. The gum I learned to blow bubbles on. I remember being desperately jealous of my sister who could make the biggest bubbles. Until one summer day at Beverly's house my cousin Krysta and my other sister Tari were gracious enough to teach me how. Thanks guys!

Of course this isn't the exact desk, but when we still lived in Arizona we had a desk very similar to this one for our computer (which ran on Windows 95 so it definitely wasn't a laptop.) However, what it did have was location, location, location. It was conveniently located on the wall next to my brother's room. I would crawl under here and listen to my brother talk on the phone with his now wife, Tiffiny.
And yes as soon as he found out I had to run for my life around the house in search for safety.

When I was small we lived in Honduras a short time. I remember little but one thing I remember vividly is that their milk did not come in plastic gallons but instead in bags...weird right? I just remember I had to drink some and it was warm..yuk. I think that may have ruined milk for me altogether.

(don't laugh I sucked my thumb for years and years, I turned out just fine...mostly)
These are just a few quick memories. I regret nothing from my childhood only that it was too short, oh and that I didn't hide that one eyed teddy bear better so my mom wouldn't have thrown it out. All in all thanks to my beautiful family it was a good time and will always be looked back on with fondness. 


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