Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Think Pink!

My hairs are dyed and my fingers are polished! I'm obsessed with this new polish that I detoured for. Now, lately I've been on a polish binge. I can hardly go to grocery shopping without purchasing a new color. This is a problem for a college student on a budget, but alas! I've done it again my loves, I've found great polish at a whopping 2 American dollars. It's called Pure Ice and you can find it at Walmart, how convenient. Your welcome, I'll pop my collar now.

The color I chose is called "Peony" which happens to be one of my favorite flowers. How delightful.

Sadly, my collection of pink polish has been reduced to these four. I really have to stop making a habit of taking polish home and leaving it there. In any case I used the Revlon polish on my toesies! Its called "Cotton Candy" and it smells just like cotton candy! Imagine that. I honestly can't get over scented nail polish. Its phenomenal.

My favorite pink item in my room: my pillow. These pillows from Sleep Innovation are amaaazzzingg, but never buy them. Apparently they were recalled, I never died from it but hey you never know.

Just a quick pink blast for you, I'll be back later to show you what my lovely roommate bought today EEP!

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