Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lady In Red

(Forever 21 dress, Charter Club cardigan, Timberland boots)

My oldest sister Dinorah, is the most stylish mother of 3 I know. She's totally perfect in every way and I just can't get enough of her adorable style! ...I'm sorry I just lost my train of thought her only son (11 years old) just walked up to my mom and said, "I have the tightest glutes, go ahead give er a squeeze" 
ANYWAYYY back to adorable fashion! Dinorah has it all, and I think you'll agree.
She snagged these awesome boots last fall on sale at Dillards, and this dress, well lets just say I got the wrong size and since it's silk she gladly took it off my hands.
YAY for stylish moms! (Remember just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't take time for yourself)

Get a babysitter and go out!

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