Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ant in My Pant!

Ooof! After a long leave of absence I'm finally back and ready to rock! So color-blocking is THE thing right now, especially in swimsuits. Colorphobe that I am I wanted to pair this great suit (that I scored for 6 bones, at none other than Aeropostale. I know I was stunned as well) with a black bottom. But then I saw this adorable polka dotted blue number I had stashed away and thought it was perfect! Now I just need to find time to go swimming. :)


P.S. You may be wondering about the title of this post. Funny story, no wait, NOT funny story. There I was innocently minding my own business in a pair of white jeans and fab sandals when all of a sudden I turn to my girl Lauren and say, "Someone is biting me! Inside my pants!" Now generally I would scream this at the top of my lungs while doing some form of strange break dance move. But as it was we were at a church potluck so instead I whispered it while wiggling a bit. Before long I found myself dashing into a stranger's bathroom ripping off my pants only to find that one solitary ant had found his way into my pant leg and was mercilessly trying to bite his way out! Ugh. I thought this kind of thing only happened to children in sandboxes.

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