Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sun in a Bottle, for reals this time.

Ladies, I've done it! Well actually, recent high school graduate--> Callie McDonald <-- did it. But none the less its been done! I've found the perfect self tanning lotion. Maybe I'm behind in the times but ever since the 7th grade I've been lathering up my spindly legs with every lotion that promised me darker skin in less than a week. And year after year I've been disappointed. I'm mostly wary of sun exposure because well, call me crazy but I'm not into skin cancer. And spray tans? Ick. Don't even get me started on the horrible task of attempting non blotchy self tanner. No ladies, I had finally given up. But here it is! The secret to all things tan! Hemp Golden Glow lotion is the way to go! I'm on day two of this lotion and already someone's asked me if I was naturally tan or if I bake. Apparently by day 7 I should be Jersey Shore ready! Ladies, trust me, cat walk your way through Walmart's lotion section and snag this up for a mere 6 buckaroonies. You'll thank me later.

Cal, you're an angel.

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