Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smoking is BAD. You WILL die.

I've probably mentioned this about 683.9 times before but I really do love Forever 21. For a girl on a budget its an absolute dream. This black lace dress was a piece I had been searching for and found it for a mere $12.99. Whoever said you couldn't be fabulous and college-student-eating-ramen-noodles poor was DEAD wrong. This cheetah print clutch was a gift from my fab girl friend Melissa (also from F21). The ring was even from F21, I'm stingy so I snagged all the $2.50 rings heehee. The only non-F21 item in this outfit were the shoes (they're Michael Antonio), they are my absolute favorite strappy black shoes! I get so captivated by the details in clothing. This could've been a great simple black dress, but instead it's transformed into fabulosity by the lace and the adorable bows. Okay and I know how annoying it is when people just go on and on, and really I have no exciting "ant in the pant" level stories so I'll just go along my merry way. Have a wonderful day girls and boys!

To quote Sharpay Evans- "I want fabulous, that it is my simple request. All things fabulous."

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