Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She’s making history, Working for victory

Jane and I are constantly mistaken for sisters despite our vastly differing heritages. We have come to realize that it really isn't that odd since we have similar hairstyles, makeup, clothing styles....its really only going to get worse when we move in together. Although we have similar styles our style muses are on total different ends of the spectrum. Jane chopped her locks because of the ever present influence of Katie Holmes in her life. I on the other hand tossed my cares and curls away because of the ever fabulous Jean Seberg. However, there is one thing in common that has always stood out from Jane and my style-the classic Americana look. And there really is nothing that exemplifies Americana rock star like Rosie the Riviter. Girlfriend got a look that goes on through the ages, and this, is our tribute to her.

We can do it!

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