Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet like a drink of cherry cola

You may remember from a previous post that I talked about getting this cherry cola shirt. What I didn't anticipate was working with arm holes longer than you'd find on a 7th grade basketball team. Luckily I had my eye on some bandeau bras with a PUNCH of color at Target. Had I any imagination at all I would've paired this cherry cola shirt with a lime green bandeau, as it is I went with the safe navy. 
This is a favorite skirt of mine which I purchased several years ago(I'd tell you where but you'd probably virtually throat punch me) but that I've seen become popular this summer. [Super tip B the way: you can get skirts like this in all kinds of crazy colors/patterns at Wet Seal for 10 bucks a pop!]
This outfit is so perfect for the blistering hot weather. Fun, and hey lets face it if you sweat like a hog you won't get pit stains. Who wants an otter pop!?


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