Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Things

Once again I am the lunch time cook for the Spire family. I absolutely love this chance I get to plan and make meals for my parents, especially because no matter what I make praise abounds. And really, who doesn't love an ego boost? This time around I've decided to focus on one thing that makes a meal special. Anyone with a busy schedule knows that making a fabulous meal every single day for three meals a day is just not possible. Adding one special element to each meal that doesn't take very long to accomplish, is just the ticket for taking a meal to the next level.

(Raspberry/Orange Limeade)
(Pink Orchids)
(Lime Parsley Bruschetta)

  Fresh squeezed limeade is always delicious, but as it turns out adding slices of orange and some raspberries makes it AMAZING beyond belief. Seriously. 

Adding some fresh flowers to your table will make your meal feel more distinguished. AND they can even relieve stress according to this -->(Trustworthy??...?) Article Okay so maybe the article is a bit much, but when did you ever see flowers and get unreasonably angry? That's right, never. 

More recently, specifically tonight, I made the Lime Parsley Bruschetta. The original recipe (Found here: Yay!) It was a welcome addition to the Lemon Pepper and Garlic Chicken meal we had. It is a super easy recipe and takes about five seconds make, which is perfect for limited time. 

Hoorah for making dinner/lunch time awesome!

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  1. Nice job! thank you for all these pretty things you have done!