Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot Mamaaa

A local hot mama, Stacy Batie, suggested to me that I ought to create a post about Moms on the go who have a lot to do and less time to do it in. Of course it was a brilliant idea so I got to work immediately.
(Above: Perfect Straight GAP jeans, Below: Perfect Flare GAP jeans)
The first thing a hot mama needs is a pair of perfect jeans. Gap offers the best fitting jeans with great cuts and washes for every woman. What is truly important is understanding what cut of pant you need for your body shape. A great point of reference is this website --> It has a ton of information on what you should wear for your shape, not only for jeans but for most everything! 

(all Forever 21)
Specifically Stacy suggested that I talk about interchangeable tops. As a mom I know you may not have time to change a whole outfit between events. But when you're invited to a lunch date after going to the park, you need something to switch into to kick it up a notch.
The first top is a comfortable knit that is perfect for running around town in. throw on some bangles and a ring and you're out the door. 
The second top is ideal for a lunch date this teal color is fun and the exposed zipper adds some interesting detail. I would add a bib necklace for some extra glam and throw on some heels.
The third top is also perfect for lunch date type occasions or you could even add a colorful cardigan and head to a PTA meeting.
The real key to interchangeable tops is neutral bottoms. Great fitting dark washed jeans are always a great bet. But any neutral (blacks, khakis, greys) on bottom will allow for interchangeable tops.

(Old Navy, AmiClubWear, Urban Outfitters, GAP)
I find a touchy subject with moms is that of shoes. Heels specifically seem to be a forbidden territory. Now, I absolutely understand that you need to be running errands, being a driver, running in sandboxes, and generally just running  24/7. So the shoe has to be comfortable, but why oh why must it be a sneaker? I say it doesn't! 
My solution is as follows: do not sacrifice fashion for comfort, but do not sacrifice comfort for fashion. Wedges are the perfect answer to the heel problem. Wedges provide you with a more stable base to balance your body weight and potentially even other small people's body weight upon.
My favorite of the above shoes are the 3rd ones down. They're from Urban Outfitters and are the most comfortable oxford wedges.
(The oxford wedges with a pop of color can be paired with some legging jeans and a basic white t for running errands. This kind of pairing will exude effortless style.)
Here's what you need to look out for in a wedge: T-straps, ankle straps, or lace ups. These things help make walking/running a snap!
And of course if all else fails and you're a real wienie find an adorable ballet flat, cute and inexpensive ones are really easy to find these days.

I realize that date nights are sometimes few and far between. However, that just means that you can splurge on date wear! This is your chance to shine, time to glam up and go out!
Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure it flatters your body, make sure you feel great, and make sure it knocks your man off his feet.
This single shouldered dress adds a touch of drama to an already sexy cut. Pairing this with some gold bangles and a necklace like this one from JCrew:
will be easy and make you feel great. And since this is a special occasion and you deserve to feel like the sexiest woman alive try adding something like this from Chinese Laundry:

Obviously there is so much more to say about mommy fashion and I definitely have some more ideas brewing so standby for more mama friendly posts!

  P.S. kids love pizza, and making it homemade is a totally fun project that really is quite simple. For a quick, easy and delicious recipe reference --> this! Happy baking!

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  1. Oh, THANK you, thank YOU, THANK YOU ELI!!!! Just makes my day and I can't wait to go shopping...w/out the kiddos! ;-) Great inspiration and very well thought out! Love you, Stace