Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football Fashion

This post may come as a shock to some of you, as I have never really been a sports fan. The problem with not being into sports is, turns out boys like them. So over the past year and half I've actually been watching a lot of different sports and learning to appreciate them as much for their individual player's back stories as much as for the intensely raw displays of athleticism. This cultivated interest in sports (created shamelessly to please those of the opposite sex) has actually proven to be quite fascinating. 
More specifically I saw a fabulous (yes fabulous) football uniform on ESPN today. I innocently commented on the striking resemblance the players had to superheroes, and my compadre immediately jumped in with some interesting information. As it turns out, Nike has launched a new line (do they even call them lines?) of football uniforms. This new Pro-Combat Uniform line happens to be the most fashion forward I've seen sports be. The uniforms come complete with slogans for each college, and are not only highly efficient but totally, well, cool is really the only word. 
But enough talk, below are my top three favorite uniforms:


#3 LSU Tigers. RAWR.
Slogan: "Cochon De Lait"
Fab Feature: Eye of the Tiger gloves 
--By the way, these gloves are extra sticky creating added
 friction when they come in contact with the ball. 
A plus on the field? Sha duh.--


#2 Bosie State Broncos
Fab Feature: Consistently crisp white color throughout the uniform, 
hope they have plenty of Tide Stain Release.
--The fabric used in the leg and hip regions is called Deflex. 
This fabric features ease of breathability and sweat Deflexing (heehee) properties. 
Not only that but the fabric allows for free movement without bulk while most importantly protecting the player's, ahem, important assets.--


#1: Oregon Ducks
Fab Feature: p.s.  new matte v. old shiny helmet- LOVE.
--Oh and those lime green cleats?
They're are the first cleats ever to have traction that adapts to the player's activity.
This new traction system will allow for maximum speed, like the flash!--

These are only 3, of the many fabulous designs that we'll be seeing more of this season. What amazed me, while researching these uniforms, was the great fervor with which some are fighting against the new designs. Some call them down right offensive, while others deem them unfit to lay eyes on. What is perhaps only more surprising is the passion that others have for the new uniforms. When I say passion I mean...well one guy put it this way, "The reality is that nike pro combat uniforms are the safe-to-view-at-work equivalent of pornography for millions of men, ..." Yeah, that's what I said too. And while clearly this guys is some kind of Pro-Combat extremist (that sounds more political than it should) I can assure you that I was literally looking at the uniforms for hours. Aaaand at the risk of sounding way too involved, I'll wrap it up.
These new uniforms are definitely gonig to add a new dimension to my growing appreciation for sports, and hopefully you enjoy looking at them on field as much as I (and apparently millions of men) do.

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