Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not So Tough Girl

I'm baaaaaaack. 
With new glasses! So I've been trying to wear my glasses more than my contacts lately in hopes that i'll get less migraines. However, my glasses were super lame so, thanks to a limited budget and www.zennioptical.com I got these cat eye beauties for 40 smackers! 
They have made it very strange to get dressed in the morning however because for some reason I feel like I should be confined to 50s style clothing. So in hopes to cure myself of such a miserable trap I came up with this Elvis Costello meets Sex Pistols meets whhaaaaa??? look.

To quote the CD currently in my car, "Put another X on the calendar, summer's on its death bed" Ahh Panic at the Disco!, such wisdom. But fa reals ya'll, fall is here and its exciting! Fall brings exciting new wardrobe mash-ups that come from the likes of layering, boots, scarves, chunky sweaters and a plethora of other things that will be coming to the blog soon. Let's revel in the glory of fall until the doom of winter befalls us!
 I hope you're enduring the cold with style and grace. 

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