Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Launch!

Oh. My. Word! Missoni has finally come to Target! This launch was so flippin popular that I couldn't even get on the website to price check, fa reals. My girl Jane, loves Missoni and has been waiting for this launch for at least 5 or 200 months. She skipped class today to go to the launch and folks, this girl never skips class. She said there were so many products that she didn't even have time to get caught up in the clothes when she was whisked away by the great home products. The classic Missoni zig zag has taken over! So get in there and get some normal human priced designer products!
Missoni Barrettes 
Missoni Clutch
Missoni Mug
Missoni Blouse

This is just a small sample of the Missoni treasures at Target so run to Target a.s.a.p. or try the website--> HERE. Unless of course the website is still crashed by all the crazed fashionistas!

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