Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top Picks for Winter Coats!

If there is one item for winter to splurge on, its coats! I don't believe in having only one boring black coat and wearing it everyday. Instead my goal this year is to add to my coat collection with at least one of each of these fun coats. Special coats will assist in kicking the winter blues in the butt! KA-BLAM!
Also, all of these coats are under $70.00, just saying.
The pea coat of course is a winter essential, so adding a POP of color is obligatory! I would also suggest finding different cuts and special details. This will set you apart from the masses who are donning the hum drum classic black peacoat. [There are a lot of great options HERE.]

Now a leopard print has got to be the way to go this year! Its so glam it almost hurts. The one pictured doesn't do these coats justice. To check out a real classy one click HERE.

I absolutely love a fur coat! A short fur coat will lend a glitz to a pair of jeans or trousers and a longer fur would be appropriate for the theater. 

The faux-shearling is the coat I'm most excited about! It is so cool in a rocker/Amelia Earhart sort of way. And yes I believe present day Amelia Earhart would be an indie rocker.
For an even cheaper alternative click HERE.

Winter coats are a big deal folks. Don't let the snow getcha down, throw on a fabulous coat and feel chipper! And if that doesn't help, nothing will...except maybe a SAD light. 
p.s. funk up winter coats with adorable brooches!

(all accessories F21, all shoes are

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