Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monkey Business, Sweet Notes, and Wool Sweaters

Well I finally got home from winter "break" to find this little
 fella in my FRIDGE! Cesar is a new addition to our home ever 
since a charming little white elephant party. Cesar has made
 several startling appearances throughout the house, from under
 bed sheets to in the shower, this little guy is quite the prankster. 
 While on break I got some exciting new baubles and 
some new threads which you'll be seeing over the next few
 days and weeks. Among my favorites are these two bracelets
 which I generally wear together. Both were family treasures 
found while cleaning out our old home in Arizona. My great
 Aunt BJ was an altogether fabulous woman and apparently jade
 was among her favorite gems.
["I'm your friend who buys you Chanel"]
Coming back to the apartment is always hard for the first 
couple weeks. I'm still an absolute baby when it comes to leaving 
my Mommy and Daddy, and yes I still cry on occasion, after all I 
am the youngest! But these funny little notes from my favorite 
bunny make the transition a little easier.  
Thrifted sweater, TJ Maxx leggings, Claire's necklace
This wool sweater and these fringed boots are just the ticket
 for this classic Montana snow day! I'll not be setting a foot 
outside today so if you need me I'll be sippin on some hot 
cocoa and watching beautiful snow flakes fall on our winter
 wonderland. Feel free to send me a message at:

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  1. Is he possibly named after the lead role in "Planet of the Apes"? You are too cute...I miss you!