Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink Polish

Since winter's debut its been hard to revert back to my
fall/winter polish colors. Bloggers all over the place
like L.A., have already jumped knee deep into spring
fashion. While the rest of us are knee deep more literally
 in snow and unable to leave our apartments.
So to keep fresh and springy I chose this bubble gum pink
to cheer me up. But to keep from looking too bubbly I
added the silver sparkles that give a nod to the snowflakes
falling outside my frosted window.
1. Loreal-Penthouse Pink
2. Pure Ice-Beware
3. Essie-Mini How High
4. Pure Ice-Taupe Drawer
On all but the ring finger, I used Loreal's "Pink Penthouse."
For the ring finger, which I have now routinely done just
a little bit differently, I used Essie's "Mini How High" as a
base. I then swiped Pure Ice's "Taupe Drawer" on half
of the nail closest to the pinky. Then I brushed Pure Ice's
"Beware" on the other half. Finally I used the "Penthouse
Pink" on the top half of the "Taupe Drawer" stripe.
A pop of color is exactly what a person needs in all this
 dreary snow. What are some spring colors that you're excited
to rock this year?

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