Friday, January 27, 2012

Hair Masks: Part One

Most people wouldn't take any kind of advice from teenagers
 for any reason EVER. But here's my theory:
you should take advice from people who are knowledgeable, 
passionate, and dare I say obsessed with the subject with which
you need advice. And who in the world is more obsessed with
their hair more than teenage girls? So when it comes to hair
inquiries I turn to my niece Anna who is one such teenage girl.
She recommended an avocado mask for my "dry hair"
 (this advice can come with some hits to the ego).
Here's another thing about teenagers, they've got a lot going on.
So since Anna didn't get back to me right away (she was at
 basketball practice) used THIS recipe from Cosmopolitan.
So I proceeded to blend the ingredients word for word
according to the directions. What resulted was the following:
If the word "DISASTER" is careening through your brain,
then welcome to my world. The problem with this recipe
ended up being not the ingredients themselves but the
instructions that came with them. Cosmo failed to tell me
a couple of crucial things when applying a hair mask. How to
get it out properly and what to do once it was out. Guess
I should've waited for the expert's instructions.
Sidenote: this garbage smells like bananas..I hate bananas
how did I think this was a good idea?

p.s. Anna's recipe will be given in part two. Let's hope it
yields a better result. Happy weekend!

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