Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cat Eye, Red Lipz

Start with a good foundation base and eyebrows done
like a pro. Need a helping hand? --> Click here  
 With a liquid liner, draw a line from the inside corner
of your eye to the end of your lash line.
Next, starting at the corner of your lash line use the
liner and wing a thin 45 degree angle.
Starting at the top of the thin line bring the line back
down to the lash line. The winged line should be thicker
at the bottom, resembling a small triangle.
Add mascara.
 Line your lips with either a lip pencil or I like to use a
lip stain.
 Fill your lips in with a fabulous red color. If you are
confused about which red looks good with your skin
tone check out this guide from glamour. --> Click ME!

p.s. All these pictures? Danny Rowan Photography of course!

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