Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stupid Phil..

[Lipstick: Revlon-Siren, Nail Polish: Sinful Colors-Rinse and Shine & 
Sally Hansen-Celeb City, Boots: TJMaxx Dress: H&M,
 Clutch: gift from a dear pulpa,
 Necklace&Ring: borrowed from Jane's room]
When I went to the big city (Phoenix) and left the boonies this 
winter break, I left with a wonderful gift in hand! My boyfriend
sent me to H&M with a gift card, SCORE! I had never been
in an H&M, I know its tragic. But I knew I'd fall in love with it!
This dress was one of the first things I picked out and I've been
rocking it ever since! And although the dressing room line made
my niece (the hair expert) and I want to die, the wait was totally
worth it!

p.s. If you're wondering how I got that scab on my knee its 
because I ate crap walking up the icy stairs to my apartment 
the other day. Embarrassing and painful. Oof.

p.p.s. All photos done by Danny Rowan Photography

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