Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long Wavy Curls by Anna

As promised, my niece the hair expert will start
contributing to the blog more and more this is her first 
post! She wrote and took all the pictures, I couldn't be
 more proud. 
[1. Dry Shampoo 2.Heat Protectant 3.Hair Spray 
4.Brush (any kind) 5.Curling Wand]
1. Brush out the hair to prevent tangles
2. To add volume, spray dry shampoo in the roots.
 * this is optional
3. Spray heat protectant generously throughout the hair 
to help prevent damage over time
4. Section off your hair into 4 layers This will help to
 keep the process organized.
5. Take about an inch of hair and wrap around the
 wand AWAY from the face in a downwards motion.
 Hold for about 8 to 12 seconds 
Since we’re going for tighter and more bouncier 
curls, hold the hair for a little longer.
6. Release the curl and scrunch in your hand. 
This locks the curl in place and gives it extra volume.
7. Repeat all over your head. 
Tip: every once in a while, take a ½ inch section of
 hair and curl. This will vary the size of the curls.
 Remember that you don’t want to hold them as long as
 the others since it is a smaller section of hair.
8. After each layer of hair, hairspray, scrunch and continue 
letting down sections of hair and curling. 
Tip: when wrapping pieces close to the face,
 make them tighter.
9. When complete, tug gently at the tips to curls to
 separate the curls and for extra volume. 
Note: This will simply separate them while keeping
 them intact.

10. Lastly, hairspray all over  and scrunch.
 This will help define the curls.
11. Style bangs as normal. I simply did a side poof and 
added a pretty headband. Enjoy!

*If you have any questions or hair requests, leave them in the comments box below and I’ll try to answer them.
*To make your curls another day, wrap in a low bun while you sleep. In the morning, they will have fallen to huge voluminous Victoria’s Secret waves.


  1. Oh! I love the concept of putting your hair in a bun to keep the curls! I curl my hair quite frequently and I'm always bummed that I can't keep them for another day. Brilliant! I do have a question though, what style of bun works best? Just a simple ballerina bun?

  2. Well Lauriaffle, a low bun as the nape of your neck works perfectly. This will let your hair soften to big waves. Simply unwrap, hairspray and scrunch in the morning and you are good! Another trick that works AMAZING is brushing out the curls with a paddle brush( as shown above) completly. This will remove any tangles and make your hair seem flat. Don't worry, the curls do come back as huge waves while you sleep. In this trick, there is no need to wrap your hair in a bun. When you wake up, simply brush again, hairspray ans slightly scrunch to bring back some more wave and you are set!I hope this helps and if you have any hair requests leave them below. :)

  3. This makes me want to grow my hair out! -Jane

  4. Love it! Thanks, Anna! I'm super excited to try it out!