Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color Blocking and the SUN!

Saturday, for the first time in what seems like ages the sun 
came out! We carpe'd the diem and set out on an adventure 
doing anything and going anywhere so long as we were outside!
So, thanks to the sun and consequent warmth for letting our 
bare naked leggies see the light of day.
 I like to imagine
 that winter is like damp, dark, medieval prison to legs. Once the
 jeans come off and the shorts take their turn, legs are forced to
 shield their delicate eyes so that the searing brightness of the sun 
doesn't blind them. The metaphor may be too involved but I think
I've made my point. Luckily, we had THIS amazing product, to
keep our legs from looking to vampirical.
Even though color-blocking has been circulating through fashion
 for a couple seasons now, spring brings on a fresh new batch 
of colors for us to play with! This pink sweater and cropped
 red pants from Gap go perfectly together for a look that is trendy
 but sweet. 
Shoes: Victor by Victor Alfaro/Bag: Target
A patterned scarf and a fuchsia lip is all we needed to make this 
outfit command attention. As if the red heels weren't already doing 
Have fun in the sun!

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