Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY: Mullet Skirt

I finally did it! At last I've sewed something with a sewing
 machine and it didn't look like a mangled piece of fabric
run through a meat grinder! I've been wanting a mullet skirt
 for so long, but after searching for what seemed like eternity
in this barren wasteland of fashion, I decided to make
 my own.
Thanks to Fabi of Third World Fashionista I got a great
tutorial in 5 easy steps! I'm not even kidding this is the
easiest alteration known to man. I won't make my own
tutorial because her's is fabulous the way it is- check it out:

(Tutorial by: Fabi Pina)
I've been a long time fan of Fabi, and am an even greater fan
now due the success of this DIY. Don't be afraid to try it
[Claire's turban/Target tank/Thrifted scarf/Gianni Bini heels]
Off to decorate for a ducky themed baby shower!
Hope your day is less blizzardy than mine!


  1. Eli, your skirt turned out great!!! Love it! I'll make sure to blog about it on my next post, yayyy! Made me so happy. :D

  2. Doing a DIY tomorrow using this. Great help! I followed your blog too :)