Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspiration Board

Today has kind of been a weird day. Do you ever feel like you've
 accomplished a lot but your day is still a drag? That's me today.
So I decided to whip up an inspiration board that contains
 things that brighten up my mood when it's dull, things I want 
to do, people that inspire me, and other awesome stuff. 

Clockwise from the upper left hand corner:
Jimmy Stewart, my classic movie crush he's
adorable and hilarious. 
- A super cuuute idea for planting herbs, which I've
 been itching to do lately. 
-I love this cable knit sweater, they're just so cozy
to wear with leggings on a cold day which we've
 been having more of.
 -I've been almost done with Wuthering Heights for 
months now, I wish I had a moment to read it. I guess 
I have a thing for tragic romances. 
-Oswald Chambers, whose daily devotion I read as
often as I can. This guy goes in my top ten wisest
 dudes category.
 -Bed! Oh geez if there were only more sleep hours in the day. 
-A teensy tiny terrarium I found on Pinterest, there is
 something so calming about little things 
I just get lost in my own imagination, pretending I'm a
 tiny person able to fit into that tiny world.
-Who doesn't smile when they see a tiny puppy?
If you don't you have zero point zero heart.
-In the middle is a painting. I have three of this type of
painting. Don't ask me what kind it is, despite
having taken Art History 151, I will not know.
What I do know is when I look at these paintings it 
gives me the childlike urge to jump into it Mary Poppins style. 
And that in short..or not so short is what I'm thinking
 about today. Anyone else?

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