Thursday, May 19, 2011


So when I'm home it's my job to make lunch for Dr. Spire and Nurse Betty. It's not a difficult one since they make you feel like the winner of Iron Chef when it's all said and done.
Today I decided to shake up the venison routine with a recipe from my home girl Paula Deen.

Gathering all of your ingredients before starting seems so simple but it really cuts back on time wasted.

The secret to a perpetual lack of buttermilk? Regular milk and lemon!

Sometimes I find myself missing an ingredient needed in the recipe. Although it may seem dangerous and slightly foolish, at these times I just grab spices that I feel look like what the spice I need may look like. In my case I chose these two mystery spices my parents got in the Virgin Islands. Looks like mustard to me. and you know what? They both were! BAHA! Winning. Oh ew I hate that I just said that, forgive me.

For me, asparagus is the perfect vegetable for any occasion.

And lastly but certainly not least is table presentation. There's nothing quite like Noritake china to make your meal look 10x more expensive than it actually was. Let me just say that presentation can save a meal even if you've totally botched the main dish.

To nap or not to nap? :) I love summer.

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  1. ...and this just made me uber hungry! ;) Looks delish!