Monday, August 29, 2011


Things are getting hectic now that summer is coming to a close and school is taking its turn in the spotlight. With the new school year comes a wave of new faces, and with them comes attached a sea of new style inspiration. Especially in college, it's interesting to see how people evolve (stylistically speaking) coming from their high school years. I've spotted so many cute outfits today for the first day of classes, that I decided it only fair to post my "first day of school outfit."

While shopping for some back to school supplies I brought with me my absolute bestie and gull, Meggie. She looked so cute that in a span of two hours she got about 6500 compliments I'm absolutely sure. So it's only fair that I let you see and see what all the hulabaloo was about. 

In our same school supply hunt, Meggie and I spotted this absolutely adorable gal, Ashly (without and "E".)  We spied her at the mall and were too lazy to approach but when we came back an hour later she was just leaving and luckily Meggie talked some sense into my lazy brain and we accosted her immediately. She was all too compliant and a real doll to photograph, her beaming smile gave us instant good moods that kept us moving through the sea of back to school last minute shoppers confidently! Thanks Ashly!

I hope everyone is having a smooth transition back into the school/work year! Don't forget that if you smile bright enough and feel fabulous enough, not only will you improve your own mood for the day but you may cheer someone else up in the process. So throw on somethin FAB! 

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