Monday, October 10, 2011

Look For Less Lunes: One for The Boys

In reviewing my FB page for the blog the other day, I realized that much of my fan base appears to be men. Hmmm...I really aught to throw them a bone every once in while I thought to myself. So here's a bone, being thrown in your direction boys. Fall is officially here and a lot you guys have trouble figuring out what to layer and when and with what and where. Inspired by the Paul Smith Fall 2011 collection I put together a little ensemble for you boys, and get this: you can buy it all on one website. Yeah I know you can thank me later. kiss kiss!
This look is totally cool for fall, except that with that beard and hair the man looks like a hobo. Skip the hobo vibe, substitute the undershirt for a relaxed and colorful T, lose the unnecessary suit jacket (you know you're not going anywhere THAT important), and you'll take this look from the runway to your sidewalk.

1. 21Men Cable Knit Jacket $34.90
2. 21Men Slim Fit Jeans $33.90
3. 21Men Classic V-Neck $5.90
4. Lace Up Suedette Shoes $36.90

all found at

p.s. I'm serious about the hobo thing guys. I can really get behind a beard and long hair on a bro. But please PLEASE groom both, otherwise I'll probably be handing you change instead of my number.

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